Frequently asked question regarding youtube views service

Q-How I can order youtube views on ?
Ans: You can easily place order on by just going to the product page and proceed to checkout with PAYPAL secure payment method.We have other on demand payment method also which you can tell us any time.We will activate the payment method for you where you can easily checkout.After checkout you will receive order confirmation email with video url start count views & add on views.

Q-In how much time my order will be completed for youtube views & likes ?
Ans: Your order will be completed in less than 24 hours for 1000 views and for more than 1000 views the delivery timings is different for all types of views.We are leting you know here about all delivery timing for views:
1100 views-1 day
2200 views-1-2 days
3300 views-1-2 days
4400 views-1-2 days
5500 views-2-3 days
7000 views-2-3 days
9000 views-2-4 days
11000 views-3-4 days
13000 views-3-4 days
15000 views-3-4 days
20000 views-4-5 days
25000 views-4-5 days
30000 views-4-6 days
40000 views-4-6 days
50000 views-6-7 days

Q-Will I get likes with views ?
Ans: Yes you will get free likes with every views order we take.We give 20 likes to 500 likes free on videos according to the quantity of views given.

Q-Is my video & channel safe ,if I buy views from ?
Ans: Yes your channel & video is 100% safe because buying youtube views is 100% legit process & approved by youtube.Even youtube gives paid promotions with google adwords.All video & channel are 100% safe with us & help you in improve channel ranking.

Q-What if i don’t get views after submitting order?
Ans: Till date we have delivered all views & likes on video,if somehow we are unable to give you views then your money will be refunded under our money back guarantee .

Q-Do I have to disable ads on my video while taking views?
Ans:Your adsense & monetization is 100% safe in our views system.But if you still want to be in complete safe side,then its better to pause ads while we are increasing views.

Q-What is on demand services on
Ans: We have on demand services on our website like if you want to make payment other than paypal ie with bitcoin,then we have many options for payment which we will activated for you to make payment.We have many on demand currencies option & on demand social media services for facebook ,instagram,soundcloud & twitter services.